Randall Grahm Goes Quince-otic


Randall Grahm has done it again–surprised and shocked the wine world, but this time it’s not wine, but hard cider, that’s doing the shocking. And it’s shockingly delicious: 58% pear, 33% apple, and 9% quince, this sparkler is fresh, vibrant and NOT your eleven year-old’s apple juice (at least, not MY eleven year-old’s). Check out my review of Bonny Doon “┬┐Querry?” Sparkling Hard Cider 2011 ($16): Bonny Doon Cider Tasting

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2 comments on “Randall Grahm Goes Quince-otic

  1. Karen, in my experience, Konstantin Frank in the Finger Lakes makes a delicious Gewurz. Have you had the chance to try it? I think it has a lot of orange zest and marmalade.
    Best regards,
    Bill Reynolds

    • Hi Bill,

      Thanks for jumping into the conversation. I agree that Konstantin Frank makes a beautiful gewurztraminer. Pretty much everything they do is great! My best, Karen

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