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The Auction of Washington Wines supports the growth of the Washington state wine industry through a series of celebrated events, including the Auction of Washington Wines, for which Karen recently served as the Honorary Chair. In the lead-up to the gala, Karen and her team conducted live virtual tastings with 40 Washington winemakers and vintners, attracting viewers and buyers from around the United States. An in-person retrospective tasting with Karen also became one of the auction’s top grossing lots.

“Karen attracts, educates, engages, and inspires a global audience about the world of wine. As the Auction of Washington Wines Honorary Chair for two years, 2020-2021, and especially during the pandemic crisis, Karen was able to share the Washington wine story with well-orchestrated virtual shows featuring dozens of Washington winemakers, keeping the auction and the industry top-of-mind. Her appearance in person in 2021 had incredible appeal to our wine-loving donor base. Karen’s credibility and expertise is immeasurable.”

—Jamie Peha, Executive Director, Auction of Washington Wines