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What Green Means

By Karen MacNeil
April 21, 2016

Anyone who has tasted a group of sauvignon blancs has probably written the word green 15 times on their tasting sheet. (I certainly have).

But it’s clearly ridiculous to use the single word green to cover a huge range (and quality) of wines. So, when it comes to sauvignon blanc, what does green really mean?

Here is the world of green for me: 

Green Idea                          What One Might Smell or Taste in the Wine

Green fruits                                                 Green fig, honeydew melon

Bitter green                                                  Arugula, green tea

Exotic green                                                 Lemongrass, lime leaf

Smoky green                                                Lapsang Souchong tea

Citrusy green                                                Lime pith, grapefruit pith

Green vegetables                                        Snap peas, lettuce, green beans

Green herbs                                                 Sage, thyme, mint

Green spice                                                  Green peppercorns

Piquant green                                              Jalapeño peppers

Green outdoors                                            Mown grass, meadows

Oceanic green                                             Seaweed, sea spray, briny salt water

Cool green                                                    If emerald were a flavor….