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Beyond Seduction

By Karen MacNeil
July 9, 2016

Wine has often been the beverage of seduction, no surprise there. But the other day, I read a fascinating study which that suggests that a person’s behavior when drunk is similar to that of a person in love. The “high” of being in love is the result of oxytocin, the so-called “love-hormone.” The research by the University of Birmingham was published in the journal Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews.

A brain chemical produced in the hypothalamus, oxytocin plays a key role in social interactions and reactions to romantic partners. Researchers said oxytocin increases behaviors such as altruism, generosity and empathy, makes us more willing to trust others, and helps remove social inhibitors such as fear, anxiety and stress.

Dr. Ian Mitchell, from the School of Psychology at the University of Birmingham, explained: “We thought it was an area worth exploring, so we pooled existing research into the effects of both oxytocin and alcohol, and were struck by the incredible similarities between the two compounds.”

No romantic nights on the horizon? Iit seems you can still feel that way thanks to cabernet (et al). Thanks University of Birmingham but ah, we already knew that.