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The biomolecular archeologist Patrick McGovern has said, “We are set up as biological creatures to drink alcohol. Biology, chemistry, genetics, ancient texts, art, ethnography, and archeology all support this.”   Other animals in particular have provided scientists with lots of clues regarding our own alcohol consumption. From the tiniest fleas to the biggest elephants, drinking […]

As winter settles in and evening descends early, I find myself looking around in my cellar for Cabernet. But not just Cabernet—mountain Cabernet. The kind with a nice grip of tannin. With a sense of majesty. Why are mountain vineyards special? Here are some things we know. Continue Reading. First, although it may be stating […]

For this holiday season, we’ve compiled a list of books, gadgets, and gear to gift to the wine lovers in your life. Check our top picks for 2021 below:   KLOVEO Professional Grade Champagne Stopper I drink a glass of Champagne or sparkling wine EVERY night and have for 20 years. The KLOVEO Champagne stopper […]

Guest Blog by Steph Dutton I’ve always been very aware of the number of variables attached to any wine by the time it reaches the bottle.  Sunshine hours, aspect, viticultural intervention, water supply, the natural variation attached to an individual fleck of soil, yeast choice, atmospheric composition of the cellar, warehouse, vineyard, etc. As I […]